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January 6th, 2007, 19:40
actually its this site that's in love with Gothic 3. Codex are basically an extension of that horrid Fallout fanbase. Although for some weird reason they think that diablo is teh bomb too.

its a shame taht EA cancelled yet another traditional CRPG. Since Ultima 9 their track record hasn't been great for actually getting published. Brian Fargo got the license for Bard's Tale but I think they published it themselves and did not go through EA.

It doesn't sound like the issue this time was with deadlines. They have been so dogmatic about those thanks to their cash cow sports titles and this caused problems with developers. I am curious to know what those "management" problems were. If this source was in fact Steve Gray himself I wonder if we'll get a nice disgruntled report in a year or so when the non-disclosure agreement is over.
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