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January 6th, 2007, 23:44
Originally Posted by curious View Post
not to be insulting but you must have not gotten far in the game if you think the flame sword is the best sword in the game. not counting 2-handed weapons there are at least 6 six swords that are better than the flame sword. and i thought the 'item progression' was well done considering all of the unique gear (~50 items) you can't buy, unlike most rpgs. i will agree it is an overpowered sword in the begining and it makes no sense that it does 20 more damage than the much rarer ice sword (which doesn't even freeze enemies.) it would be nice if playing the game on a higher difficulty level restricted the more powerful items you could buy…but i doubt that is the case in gothic 3.

keep up the good discussion.
I was talking only about 1H weapons.

I wasn't aware of better swords, and I'm puzzled as I did quite a bit of research on JoWood/WoG forums about this issue, and everyone agreed it was the best sword in the game they found, even after completing it. I personally played for ~40 hours and covered 66% of the areas and came upon no sword that was better.

But, if you say there are better 1H swords, then I believe you and it's a relief. Now, they need only focus on making the combat system balanced and the game will be good enough for a full run-through.




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