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January 7th, 2007, 00:54
Originally Posted by Dhruin View Post
I think your number sounds right, Mo. I suspect that 75k figure might be the 3-month US-only sales (IDC or NPD) or thereabouts. I do, however, remember Josh Sawyer saying something like while the game did eventually cover costs and collect some modestly reasonable sales, it took far too long to be really considered a sales success and many of those sales were at budget prices. Therefore, while the 75k figure may not give an accurate picture, the idea that PS:T's sales weren't good enough to interest publishers in that type of game is still sound.
That may be true but 75K in three months seems a little unlikely given the 400K total number since there are only very rare exceptions when a game deviates from the rough "sales number prediction formula" (or whatever you want to call it). I don't remember the exact details of that formula either but wasn't it something like… sales of the 1st week = sales of the 1st month = sales of the 1st three months = … and so on?
I somehow doubt that Planescape went through a sudden sales burst at some point during its shelf life. Why would it have? If anything, it should have sold really well at the time of release because of the November release date (holiday shopping season).
And Feargus Urquhart's statement that the game was "commercially a success" from that Gamasutra interview is from mid 2001 so "only" 1.5 years after PS:T came out so his statement is a rough indicator that it can't have taken PS:T that long to sell reasonably well.

Originally Posted by Corwin
Then why wasn't a sequel ever even considered? It usually ranks very high on everyone's list of the best ever RPG's!!
Why is there no BG III (BG franchise sold 5 million+ copies)? No Diablo III (about 8 million+ copies IIRC)? No StarCraft II? No KotOR III (4 million+)? Or still no Duke Nukem 4ever? The list goes on and on. I guess there are some things in life we just don't have to understand .
But a small hint is given in that Gamasutra interview from 2001. Urquhart was pretty "bullish" about consoles back then already and he said that they (Black Isle) would strive to follow gamers and any current trends as much as possible.
Who knows… maybe some day someone will rediscover the Planescape universe and give it a shot.
If Drakensang makes it to the finishing line (by the end of this year hopefully) then it will have taken Realms of Arkania (DSA) 11 years to make a return to the PC. Let's give it some more time .
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