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January 7th, 2007, 19:43
Originally Posted by Dhruin
I can't find the posts I want but here's a quote that suggest PS:T underperformed by Inteplay's standards.
Hehe… Interplay must have been a spoiled little brat back then though due to the success of BG & co so it makes me wonder how realistic those "standards" might have been…

Originally Posted by abbaon
The 75K number is wrong. It had reached that by March 2000, only four months into its shelf life.

Edit: And according to the article text, that covers 80% of software sales but omits those from dedicated gaming software stores, which could conceivably have accounted for the bulk of Torment's sales. Go with the 400K.
Thanks. That was pretty interesting what Desslock dug up there and it seems like PC Data is indeed not too accurate if we remember what Black Isle's Scott Warner said. Warner said that Planescape sold more than the Fallouts while PC Data's umm… data indicates that PS:T did better. Desslock says in that article that statistics by PC Data can be off by up to 50% according to "industry insiders" so there's good reason to trust Warner more than PC Data.
Besides, we were talking worldwide anyway and PC Data is only recording US numbers.

Originally Posted by Dhruin
It's hard to debate this topic without the right data.
Yep. That sums it up nicely . Though I believe that after this little research effort, one could say with some certainty that PS:T was not nearly the complete commercial failure that some people make it out (or even want it) to be. Enough with the wallowing in self-pity already, folks!
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