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January 7th, 2007, 22:58
Originally Posted by KazikluBey View Post
Er, did I miss something? Every NPC in Oblivion I checked just used a simple scripted "go here at this hour, and there at that hour" after which they'd just lounge around and stare at walls until something interrupted them (such as another NPC coming close, resulting in them talking about mudcrabs, or you talking to them). I didn't even see a hint of that the NPCs were using any of the overhyped AI functions (such as feeding, knowing they need to sleep, etc) that Bethesda claimed were in the game.
Yes you did miss it. They do eat, sleep, train, read books, etc. RAI is certainly not miraculous but it's arguably more sophisticated that what was found in previous ES games and in most RPGs.
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