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January 7th, 2007, 23:53
Good points Dhruin, but my hope is rather to take advantage of the structures big publishers already have. Because you're EA all your releases have to be games involving huge budgets? I was thinking that, in parallel of their expensive to produce games, big publishers could release much lower cost games, taking advantage of corporate structures they already have to market them, etc. thus lowering costs even more.

Do they not do it because they care for their image, that people/investors would expect from big companies to release only big games? But the kind of games I am hoping for are games that excel in their own kind : their writing, their story-telling, much like movies like Requiem for a Dream or Mission Impossible coexist for different merits and that's made possible because the costs involved in making them are very different. Look at the music industry, major companies don't just release well known artists, they also produce artists from less popular genres knowing they won't sell as much as Madonna, but the costs involved are also very different making both profitable.

I want to believe low profit games can be interesting for big publishers. Even if it would take 10 of them to be as profitable as 1 big successful game, but I don't see why my math wouldn't be correct if they also cost 10 times less. I mean every dollar of profit is a profit, does it really matter whether these dollars come 1 by 1 or 10 by 10 when at the end of the year you've made overall comfortable benefits.
The risk per game is also much smaller as the investment is smaller.

I don't know how much Kotor2 cost to make, but it can't have cost a lot. And by taking advantage of Lucas Arts structures -just having it displayed on lucas' homepage is already a big step towards marketing it- the "surrounding" costs (management/marketing/support/logistics/etc) can be rather low.

I like the idea of comparing cRPGs to "films d'auteur", while other game genres are similar to those impressive holywoodian movies with amazing special effects. And while major movie companies still produce "cheap" movies, in the games industry cRPGs are becoming indie-only games, I'm just having a hard time understanding that.

And as for your question about whether PsT and Fallout would sell as much today, now that's just my guess, i don't work in the industry or anything, but I know there are way more adults intersted in video games today than there used to be in the 90's and that's in part because those that used to be teens are 10 years older now but retained their video games addiction -yes i'm talking of myself
And I have a feeling there's a big market for "adult oriented" games such as Fallout and more generally "too complex/deep for kids" games such as Ps:T that's not being taken advantage of… so I'd say yes if correctly targetted at that market, for example by marketing the game in pc tech magazines rather than in video games magazines.
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