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January 8th, 2007, 02:00
I clearly remember seeing footage from Leipzig (gencon?) in 2006 where the lead designer for Gothic 3 explained in German that you could side with the orcs. It was also all over Gamespot, Gamespy & IGN. You could also read that maybe the Orcs did have a reason for what they were doing…

To me, actions in a RPG do have consequences, if we're taken about what we could call a true RPG like say BG1, BG2 or Ultima 8., and Gothic 1 + 2. It means that if you aren't at that place at that time you we're told to be - then maybe a quest or two would go your nose by.

I do understand how some people would like a hack N slash fest, but in that case I would recommend them to to play Dark Messiah, Diablo or Titan Quest.
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