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January 9th, 2007, 05:57
Maylander, funny you should say "motherboard is not state of the art". Thats exactly true. Ive got an old Soltek MotherBoard, with an old 64-bit Athlon 3200+. Actually I was reading up on graphics cards and they said "Its end of the line for AGP" and also "The 3200+ are the LOWEST processors available, soon to be obselete and not in production".

Im not entirely convinced of GF7600 series. But the X1950 PRO seems good, or even the X800 for that matter. GF6800 are all sold out!!! Shame!

I probably will wait a week or two before buying, as Prime Junta said. Plus, im not desperate to play or anything, and i'll probably be getting a new rig next year anyway.

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