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January 9th, 2007, 16:25
Apparently EA isn't saying anything … but it is becoming increasing clear that Steve Gray has left EA.

Gray’s involvement in the project was such that it was originally titled Project Gray Company when it was first unveiled to an eager press. Online reports at Shacknews say EA canned the project because it was not hitting development targets. Although Gray has reportedly gone, other team members have been moved onto different projects.
And just to follow-up:
Originally Posted by ToddMcF2002 View Post
The negative pattern here and at Codex is just plain tiresome. Repeat after me:
- Oblivion sux. Every news item on it needs to get trashed.
- Gothic 3 is amazing. Any reviewer who disagrees is a moron.
- Bethesda is at fault for all RPG shortcomings, global conflict and world hunger.
I would augment that based on my personal view:
- Oblivion is an amazing technical achievement and a great action game, but is highly over-rated and lacking as an RPG.
- Gothic 3 is a buggy mess and my 'disappointment of the year' by a large enough margin that 2nd place is irrelevant … but it is much better than many who play for an hour before trashing it in a factually incorrect review recognize.
- Bethesda is simply the RPG representative of the general trend to move towards huge console and casual / action gaming audiences … so as our hardcore wants continue to not be met while former hardcore properties become crossovers (i.e. Dark Messiah), we curse that trend … and Bethesda gets hit with a lot of that because of Oblivion. A couple of years ago it would have been Deus Ex Invisible War. If Bioware - which has produced solid PC games while also doing console duty - falters this year, expect then to get a full colonoscopy with a +4 greatsword …
-- Mike
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