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Default Hellgate London - CES 07 Updated Impressions @ GameSpot, IGN

January 10th, 2007, 04:59
A very short Hellgate: London impressions article from CES 07 can be found at GameSpot. The big news in the article is the freshly revealed Summer release window, although the revelation of "subscription-based multiplayer" was news to me:
Hellgate: London will let you battle an army of demonic monsters in the gutted ruins of London. Set sometime in the future, you'll be able to play as a templer, which is basically a high-tech knight; a cabalist; a spellcaster; or a gun-wielding hunter. Roper explained that the cool thing about Hellgate: London is that you can play it as a single-player game, but there will also be an option to turn it into a subscription-based multiplayer game if you want to play with others and enjoy lots of new content.
Meanwhile, IGN has a very similar short article describing the same gameplay demo:
Classes still have not been added to the game, but there were a bunch of new enemies and skills. The mission we were dropped into required us to find some poor kid's missing leg (don't worry, he has a prosthetic peg to tide him over). Finding the limb was merely a matter of blasting every moving thing in the streets to bits. Eventually we came upon an enormous, bulbous, globular beast, and once we put it to rest we found the leg in the remains.
More information.
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