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January 11th, 2007, 14:32
Originally Posted by ToddMcF2002 View Post
Mike the first few posts HERE on that topic were pretty negative. I read them and decided to bite my tongue and just move on.
I have to agree that you are out on a 'negativity hunt' … look again at that thread:
- first reply *laughingly* says vaporware - he was poking fun at a mod that is a few years away. Then he talks about the rule-set and ponders the adherence to strict 3.5 rules.
- the next reply is saying that given it is a few years away it will seem brand new when it releases since these discussions will be long since forgotten.
- the third is just fun - looks at the success/failure aspect: either Jefferson fails twice or is successfully resurrected. At this point nobody knows.
- next is me (it can only get better )
- then there is speculation of the time aspect - having barely fiddled with the NWN2 tools, I can appreciate that!

So I just don't see *ANYTHING* approaching negativity. Sure there are threads where stuff gets negative - plenty of tough Oblivion talk, and I've certainly beat up on Dark Messiah more than once … but I think overall I just don't see what you are saying. Especially about the Dot never getting like this … this type of discussion - largely respectful, some 'teh hatez' and some 'teh fanboi' stuff - was certainly there. How could it not have been, it was mostly the same people!
-- Mike
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