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January 12th, 2007, 13:11
Thanks for the translation link which was more than eagerly awaited.

[[ How can we tell a story without a narrator ? We didn't meet our own claims in this point. The story is great, but it's sleeping under the surface and can't break through, because it's missing a speaking tube. ]]

You can say that again! - over the past several weeks i have had great difficulty overcoming the 'simplified logic' of the G3 "figurative" or suggested storyline which i know is there (and confirmed through previous gothic series personal experience!) but cannot be lazily revealed as it is in fact "the" solution. I do agree and sense that it is/will be great (if we ever find it).

How indeed can you tell of a secret without revealing it? - simplified logic must be available so as to reason and work-out the storyline - it must not be variable per player, it has to be actual. Even on a discussion forum it's hard but not impossible to exchange game info's when each players in-game hints are *dynamic* as found in the books (apart from the in-game dialogue).

On this point it could be argued then "that the experience is a personal thing and comes from within ones-self" - on that i submit and agree and give-in……..and almost give up.
PS. "simple logic" as in taking the acute english grammatical reasoning as in 'human' terms and not in 'fantasy' terms, otherwise the meanings will be forced through each players own thinking filter and come out differently…..intentionally clever i do admit.
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