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January 13th, 2007, 01:18
Originally Posted by Sem View Post
If you can find a 7600GT with an AGP-slot (I've seen some of them but couldn't get it shipped to where I live), that would be a good buy. It's a bit better than the 7800GS.
That is not quite true. A 7600GT is sometimes a little bit faster than a 7800GS in synthetic benchmarks where the "raw power" (= the Mhz of the GPU core which is much higher on a 7600GT) counts. In almost all real world applications/games, however, it's the 7800GS that's in the lead if the core/memory are running at default settings on both cards. It's a pretty minor advantage though and certainly not worth the hefty markup, i.e. the 7600GT definitely has a much better price/performance ratio.

Anyway, the current top performance ranking for AGP cards (pixel shader 3.0 capable ones) looks like this:

1) ATI X1950 Pro (excellent AGP card that is cheaper than a 7800GS and performs approximately like a 7900GT PCIe… so much for AGP being "dead" or too slow )
2) GeForce 7800GS+ (with the same G71 chip and specs as the 7900GT PCIe)
3) GeForce 7800GS+ "budget" (with 20 pixel shader units like a 7900GS PCIe instead of the 24 shaders of the card above)
4) GeForce 7800GS (the original, regular model that is not a direct PCIe derivative)
5) GeForce 7600GT
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