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January 16th, 2007, 01:37
I'm kind of betting that they'll be upping the price. It's 3 tokens or $29.99 as it stands now from totalgaming.net. I looked at LOI, looked at the price, and then said to myself $30 for a $20(at best) game, get real. And one that is reputed to be very short on top of that. ($70 to totalgaming isn't an option either as most of their other games are much lower quality.)

Also it sounds like they're going to try to get into the retail stores now with the soundtrack CD, the bundled calendar, etc. And they DID reference it once or twice in the various release info, although I'm not sure that it was planned or if the translation to english just didn't come out right…

All of the above said the paltry 4 screenshots DO appear to have better/maybe higher res textures, and well, Kyla Cole. I wonder when the full frontal nudity mod comes out…
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