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January 16th, 2007, 05:44
While it may seem unrealistic in reality, do retarded demons coming through oblivion gates seem realistic to you?

However, it does show much better animation than oblivion and most every other RPGs on the market from what I can see, atm.
Personally, crappy animation is a real turn off for me, if I am playing in a fantasy realm where magic is abundant and even semi-rare metals (mithral) allows 40% weight reduction, who is to say some magically plate of dexterity can't exist?

The only thing keeping oblivion above the pack is the character gen and editor which allow Modders to fix all the broken parts and if it wasn't for the character gen and the editor oblivion could have easily never existed, since they bought nothing else important to the table.

Besides who cares if it looks like oblivion or not, better or worst, before or after most of all why would a RPGer care about oblivion?
Unless perhaps someone is confusing a stat based action game for a RPG, now that would be funny and embarrassing.
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