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January 16th, 2007, 10:02
Thanks for posting the link to that interview Alrik - another very interesting read that sheds some light on the complexities they had to face during the development process.

To me, at least, you can't have full freedom for the player without this taking its toll at the narrative depth of the story….Actually, I strongly disagree with Kai about the freeform gameplay being the future of (singleplayer) rpgs.
Mike Hoge actually directly addresses this point in the interview when he says:
"Ein linearerer Aufbau der Story insgesamt wäre wünschenswert. Also totale Freiheit ist glaub ich der falsche Weg gewesen." (All in all, a more linear build-up of the story would be desirable. So total freedom was, in my opinion, the wrong way to go).
Basically, the devs are promising to take a couple of steps backwards in their subsequent projects by giving the story more structure, and they also admit it was a mistake to use the randomized distribution system for chests.
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