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January 16th, 2007, 13:45
I don't understand some people's need to discard the old and proven methods of say making an rpg, or how it is that some people want new things in games the time.

Many books and movies also basically tell the same old stories; however they do it sometimes in a novel fashion. I think, personally, that his game could be nice
game, very enjoyable to play both for the casual and the hardcore player alike.

I particularly like the idea of having the woods and forests seen as some kind of dangerous place where all unkown sort of monsters live. (ths actually fits in rather nicely with what is known about how the general public saw the forests in the medieval settings in Europe; to these people the forests were dangerous).

While it may look similar to Oblivion, I do not think that the main quest is similar nor do I think that the overall story etc. is similar to Oblivion. I also kind of of like the feauture that in this game, you're a seasoned adventurer, which, to me, at least, makes sense, since this means that there is a reason behind you're being chosen to do this or that task, mission or quest in the game.
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