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January 16th, 2007, 14:03
Some execellent info here thanks to everyone contributing.

Even though I too miss a more indept story, I do think it was a remarkable achievement to create a game where the player makes his own story.

I imagine even if somethings didn't work as well or weren't as well recieved as expected by the team, they proabably learned an incretible amout from this experience.
Not to mention how much more accepted the game would have been, not only by fans but the new fans it could have drawn to the series was mostly jowood's terrible decisions about release.

As far as resposnsiblity I would say 90% jowood and maybe 10% at most the new concepts by PB, so it almost seems PB is accepting to much responsiblity for the problems.
I thnik the many German fans felt similar as well, it was not as much PB's fault especially after hearing the fans giving PB the well deserved awards at the GDA.
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