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January 16th, 2007, 17:18
Right, I think I understand what your saying and its hard for me to know much other than what is offered and translated by our good German speaking members, the English interviews and the rather poorly done translations by google.

I really believe PB has done more right than they are giving themselves credit for, PB seems to be absorbing the frustrations of fans due to all the problems and taking equal responsibility for the design, which I believe is wrong.

Sure I am disappointed by some things, but for the most part I see 90% of the problems due to the rushed state of the game, i.e. jowood's fault.

I don't really see them as competing with oblivion since PB is has a superior product, talent and skills, which I also believe its unfair to PB since they create masterpieces with a team of 19 and bethseda's team of 100 pushes out generic drivel with the exception of their Editor and Character Gen.
Maybe what’s confusing some fans is the natural state of development, like getting ride-able animals in the game.
Just because oblivion got them in first doesn’t mean really much since they have 5 times the staff and a massive budget and just because PB wants to get ride-able animals in the game doesn’t mean they are competing it’s only natural evolution of games, at least imo.

Like I say I am certainly not more than an avid fan outsider (since I can’t speak or understand German), so its hard for me to know what PB really intended the final G3 to be like, actually given another 6 months I think it could/would have been one of the best ever made.
Had they been given the time they deserve most of this would be a mute point as I believe they could have worked out most existing problems.
Cleary under the circumstances they did the best they could which was damn good considering the jowood factor.

Even if there had been issues that bothered some long time fans if the game had been completed I find it hard to believe the fans would have not bought the game, though maybe I just don't understand what the fans are most upset about.
In the English language game public all the negative is aimed at the bugs and incomplete status, sure there are always rabid style fans but they are usually a small minority whom complain about anything just to be getting attention on boards like trolls.

I think PB took the rejection of the incomplete game as their fault and it's not.
Part of the problem is PB doesn't really talk to English world, so while the English reviews only talk about the problems with the games, they know nothing about PB.

The fairest thing that could be said at this point is its all jowood’s fault and they should be out there apologizing to PB and all the fans across the world.
If the German fans are blaming PB I think they should stop, PB has been working their asses off for going on 10 years now those guys and gals need a good vaction and a pat on the back for a job well done working with a poorly planning publisher.
jowood needs to pull their head out of the butts, they are screwing up a AAA title game because of their shitty decisions.
If they don’t have something in the budget then they need to start asking for help from fans or something thing, if I knew more details I would gladly offer any suggestions.

I can only guess jowood would like to succeed in business so you Don't sell you fans champagne but give them grape juice at the same price cause you didn’t let fermentation work long enough.

Hell they could have had a fund raising dinner, offer something special to preorder fans, sell G3 tee shirts or hell what about a damn bake sale with cute German girls in G3 slave outfits selling cookies, wooohooo!
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