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January 16th, 2007, 17:37
Originally Posted by rpger View Post
From the looks of it, I see no reason to play this game over Oblivion. I doubt the graphical system is as developed as Oblivion's. The global AI system sounds similar to Oblivion's too, though less detailed or in depth. It could just be the briefness of this interview though.
Don't equate Reality Pumps inability to properly bulls*it (marketing/pr) to the consumer (unlike Bethesda) with a weaker product. By screenshots alone Two Worlds looks much better. Granted, I'd still like to see a little longer in game footage. If you ask me, even an improvement in the handling of ground foliage over the sloppy pile of sh*t that Bethesda called grass in Oblivion would make me buy this game alone.

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I just can't take a crpg company seriously when they have a full metal armoured knight doing 360 degree round kick just because it looks "cool".
perhaps, but if there's a story and real rpg elements there then i won't care about who dances with what on. Last I checked no RPG ever got the dynamics of armored combat right (probably on purpose). It'd be a pretty long/tedious/boring game if any did.

Personally i still find the concept of armored ANYthing casting spells left and right to be just as idiotic, but that doesn't stop every game from caving in and making that a possibility to every kiddie. anyway, to each their own i suppose.
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