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January 16th, 2007, 23:09
sorry if i was being a jerk by calling you amateurs.

the $30 dollars Aclecius quotes though is for the original game, as a price has not been set yet, so his value comparision doesn't really matter. i also highly doubt it will be only 30 dollars which is the same price as the digital copy which is far inferior; that would 'add more insult to injury' as i expressed before. also i replied because he said 'we'. this game is different though then other games (like dungeon lords) because their was no price range to buy the original.

useless information
i think price is relevant though as the average price i pay for a game is ~20. many of which are within a month or release. with gods-loi i really wanted to buy it but i don't like not having a boxed version, which like books i keep forever. 30 dollars was just too much for a digital game of any caliber for me. and unfortunately i had bought gal civ 2 when it came out for ~30 so throwing down almost 2 months of gaming budget for the 70=10 tokens put me off for a long time. but in sept/oct i finally caved in and bought the 10 tokens (which puts the cost of gods:loi at only $21), along with daemonica, and pre-ordered dark avatar. i later cleaned out my tokens with space rangers 2 which i have yet to play. my point is that many people are on a budget and paying over 30 ever is a deal breaker for some. i also believe that a majority of the 'new game' buyers you speak of aren't likely to play an indie game like this in the first place, or at least not the original that doesn't have a token 'hot woman' on the cover.
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