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January 17th, 2007, 01:12
Originally Posted by araczynski View Post
Don't equate Reality Pumps inability to properly bulls*it (marketing/pr) to the consumer …
This is a good point. Much of the PR (and the website) -- AFAIK -- comes from their partner Zuxxez. I wouldn't read too much into Zuxxez overenthusiastic language-impaired marketing having any real relation to the actual development team.

I know some of The Witcher guys occasionally get a bit frustrated with the whole PR/marketing thing. You'd be surprised how often an interview (or something) gets mentioned on an RPG board (say, Obsidian's boards or RPG Codex) and someone says "The Witcher? Never heard of it." At the same time you get "They're Polish. It'll suck.", "Looks like a Diablo clone. It'll suck". "Never heard of CD Projekt. It's suck". "It's been hyped for too long. It'll suck".

When you're an unknown European (or whatever) dev, I think it's surprisingly hard to get your message out there enough for a wide group of gamers to hear the message without alienating another group. I'm not saying their PR systems couldn't be improved, by the way, but it's not as easy as it looks -- and you've got millions of $$ on the line.

It's fair to be skeptical; they're untested as an RPG developer, the feature-set is way too aggressive, translations are hard and it does look a bit generic. Still, if you took exactly Oblivion and added a sensible/good/actually works character progression system, a better dialogue system, more quest depth (choices) and a more reactive meta-world, I reckon I'd really enjoy it. It may not as good as another game with a more unique artistic vision/setting, but it could still be good. The devil is in the detail - the feature set is only as good or bad as the actual in-game implementation.
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