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January 17th, 2007, 02:31
Originally Posted by Cormac View Post
Because it's a great rpg.
Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post
That's why I'm replaying now.
I suggest maestro Cormac is being scarcatic.

Great action game, yeah sure but great RPG Hah I say Hah!
Even in the most liberal definations aren't we talking about abliitly to play different characters?
In oblivion they are all almost identical at higher levels, with almost all stats on each race being over 100.

Now a little more aggresive inturpertation would require at least some choice in responding to NPCs good/evil so forth but 90% oblifion bacisly is one basic response or end converstation, iirc.

A even more extreme view would require an actual effect on the story plus previously mentioned actual differencanted classes and actual dialoge choices.

Or am I missing something here?
It has been many months since I played, so I could have forgotten something or just be wrong but I proabably would need more than, "It's TEH Bomb!" to convence me.
Trust me, most of the names I have been called you can't translate in any language…they're not even real words as much as a succession of violent images.
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