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January 17th, 2007, 06:01
"I wasnt being scarcatic, funboy."
Well then you have my humble appoligies for any offense.

"But you just expressed the view that anyone who has appreciated OB is pretty much dumb"
Well then you misunderstood me and certianly I wasn't clear enough cause that wasn't my intent at all.
Nor am I trying to convince you of anything but I do differ in that I do care about your oppinion.
It's just you seem to make funny, insightful and yes scarcatic post occasionally, but that is not intended as an insult actually, since scarcasim can be used out of humor which I thought was your intent now and in the past, oh well.

Firstly since your being serious I would like to know what makes oblivion a RPG, if you feel like sharing?

"I think of action games I picture Doom"
Ahh ok, well I when I think of Doom I think, shooter.
I could have sworn the offical discription of oblivion was RPG/Action or some such, it's been so long now.

"So I just wanted to tell you that some people do enjoy OB for what it is."
I agree and I do enjoy it for as an action game.
I mostly was engaging a couple of posters that seemed to mesure everything including creation of the earth by oblivion and just having some fun but taking away from anyone fun would never be an intention, only an arrogant oversite on my part.

"There were so many times in the arena where I wished I could just kick someone onto those spikes"
Lol, I am the same way, I swear in any game now even G3 I keep wanted to kick stuff.
It was certianly a releif to hear/read Arkane wasn't responsible for the story, only for making the game, since I was disappointed in the story but loved the action.
Trust me, most of the names I have been called you can't translate in any language…they're not even real words as much as a succession of violent images.
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