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January 17th, 2007, 08:12
I'm not sure why so many people automatically compare Two Worlds to Oblivion. I've been keeping an eye on this game from the time I first saw it mentioned on rpgdot, well before Oblivion was released. From everything I've read it would seem to have a lot more in common with Gothic 3 (save for the more traditional fantasy setting). To quote an example from the Two Worlds web site:

"For example, a player must decide whether to help a city hold off the invasion of orcs or to secretly open the gates and let the invaders in. The latter decision will result in an onslaught and the take over of the city by the barbaric hordes. The next time the player visits this location, it will be populated and managed by orcs, unless the human army arrives and tries to liberate the city."

If the devs manage to deliver on their promises (which is a very big IF indeed), this could well turn out to be the game that Gothic 3 should have been.
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