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January 17th, 2007, 14:42
The reviewer has some legit gripes.

Originally Posted by Sem View Post
Geesh, don't mindlessly run towards a pack of wolves.

This one, I really don't get. What else do you want, only mouse or only keyboard? This type of controls is very nice and intuitive.
I am well into Gothic3 (level 30 something) and still normal wolves and jackals are more dangerous than a city full of melee orcs. I can easily handle almost any number of orcs without even getting hurt but a couple of wolves can sometimes still take me down. Gothic 2 handled this sort of thing MUCH better and the melee combat in Gothic 3 is a step backwards.

Oddly, killing a shadowbeast is less difficult than a wolf. This was very disappointing to me the first time I ran across a shadowbeast early in the game and killed it without it ever even hitting me. WTF? They were like the ultimate foes (except maybe trolls) in G2.

The mouse/keyboard interface is really badly designed. A good example is how you exit from screens. Press ESC and some screens will close as you would expect. On others nothing happens. On some others it highlights the Exit option and you then have to click the mouse. This was a problem in Gothic 2 as well and I cannot understand why they got it wrong yet again.

Another example of this is the "killing blow" maneuver. It sometimes takes 4 or 5 tries before you actually finish off the foe instead of sheathing your weapon.
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