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January 18th, 2007, 05:59
"No. That would provide no value at all. Even if you succeeded in reading Oblivion out of the genre, we'd still want to discuss it. Knowing that we "shouldn't" wouldn't change that."
I guess I didn't word that very well since I was attemping to be humorous.

What I mean is this is an RPG site so talking about what is and isn't an RPG is inherent, since we whom participate are basicly saying RPGs exist and if not talk about if game x is an RPG or game y isn't what do you suggest?

My intent or oppinion isn't to weed out oblivion just have a fair accessment as with any game, which most review sites did Not do.
I remember how one reviewer stood up and told the truth about oblivion and all Teh Fanboiz came out attacking him, even though they had never played it and while all the main review sites suckedup with 95% plus scores, he stood his ground and was correct /accurate about all he mentioned, iirc.

The difference is many people looking for a RPG would have waited a couple of months had they known or been told the true state and style of the game, so gamers were mislead and tricked into buying something, this maybe acceptable to some or you it's not to me.
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