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January 18th, 2007, 10:49
Hard Candy

Well, I guess this is finally the last of the horror community's "must see" big releases of 2007. My opinion? Meh, it was alright.

Im not saying that Hard Candy isnt good, Hayley's dialogue absolutely ranks in the top Ive heard all year. She's funny, deadly serious, slightly off her rocker, and she's ultimately right. She's detective, judge, and executioner, a little pixie of doom. Unfortunately, Hard Candy is in a way a one-trick pony. The entire second half of the film is a one-sided ordeal, and it simply grows tiresome after a while. Not fast-forward tiresome, but ho-hum.

The film would have been better served had Jeff gotten the upper hand and reversed roles, he had the opportunity. Have her wake up tied to the chair, now his prisoner, this now-crazed man on the brink. Her bid for escape would have been totally thrilling. She made the call to his ex, have Janelle knock on the door during this, the distraction she needs to wiggle thru the proverbial ropes. Perhaps even have some real ambiguity regarding his guilt, instead of laying it all out so soon. Maybe Hayley is just freakin nuts after all? Maybe he is truly innocent?

The film was too repetitive, and cut and dry for it's own good. Worth the rental, but not a purchase IMHO.
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