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January 18th, 2007, 15:26
I as still missing your point why it's a precieved waste of time to talk about RPGs in all spectrums, one of our passions as RPGers.

Ok well we have different value systems or something as I find accurate reviews benifical to the RPG sites and I realise that some reviewers have made fair accessments as on the Dot.
I was refering to the PreRelease Play Parties put on by Bethsada and the reviews that spawned from it and the inital frenzation created by the overhype, if we didn't talk about it, share experiences we wouldn't be able to recognize/warn/prevent the next time.

As I mentioned, had many people had they accurate information before the release, many expecting the next coming could have saved there cash at least till they felt the price was right for a good action game.

A good exmaple of the this is Dungeon Lords, when it was first released and the subsequent patches, due to communication by fans and potiental fans, many were warned off since Dreamcatcher was ripping people off and still trying to this day, afaik.
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