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January 18th, 2007, 17:27
"Then do your part to ensure that it happens by leaving this shit -"
If you feel that way why did you jump in exacerbating the situation, when I and others were originally addressing the ones whom started it?

You are more than willing to point at others, while excluding any responsibility for yourself which makes you egregiously wrong.
I certainly realize what I was saying and why, even when make an on topic comment you once again are trying to cast dispersions on me while leaving yourself blame free, since I know this and I know you know this too, guess how I feel about it.

I have respect for your opinions and statements even though I didn’t agree with them and probably will in the future but this is just silly.

Pick a subject if you wish.

"Can I get some Armor for that dead horse Ch-Ching! Sorry"
Trust me, most of the names I have been called you can't translate in any language…they're not even real words as much as a succession of violent images.
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