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January 19th, 2007, 01:32
giving neurohunter another go after a year of bitterness thanks to JDR13. i was way off on how early on the game i didn't trigger something i should have. since the game has many solutions to quests/getting items i somehow didn't trigger a response with 'kathyrn' only about 10 hours into the game. i went on to play the game for probably another 30+ hours completing most of the story but then needing something from her and was screwed. i'm not nearly as far as i got before but at least i think i'm in the clear this time. a word of caution to anyone playing the game though is save often and be careful what you steal, delete off a computer, or lockpick your way into something or somewhere you probably shouldn't be yet. but i'm having fun with this, to me, top notch 'b' game.

i also played and completed bad day la over last weekend. worth the 8 dollars i payed for it and probably not much more. there are some hilarious, and some extremely over-the-top. if you consider yourself a firm believer in all 'american polices' you probably want to skip this game though you do get to shoot lots of 'terrorists'. but the average person should enjoy it as long as they don't spend more than $10. the demo is a good example of the humour but a bad example of the 'fun'/gameplay factor. the first level and part of the 2nd level are extremely long, tedious, and not very exciting. it gets signifigantly better. here are some screens i took.

from the 'meteor storm' level in hollywood, inside a movie theatre

some 'signs' inside the airport detention center

maning a tank in beverly hills during the "mexican-american revolution" level

and what would a disaster be without zombies

not a game for kids though, or the politicaly correct. about the most offensive thing, to me, in the game is the main character going to save a baby during the 'earthquake' level and it smelling so bad that he refuses to pick it up and he procedes to 'dropkick' it to his mother…i felt like a moster though when i laughed at what he said.
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