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January 19th, 2007, 06:47
We had to hold it up on the Xbox for 2 years. That was the Xbox Exclusive deal that BioWare made with Microsoft -- no platform beyond the Xbox for a year and a half, if I remember correctly, and Microsoft has the right to match offers to put it on other platforms (that is to say, if BioWare got an offer from a publisher to put Jade on the PS2 for a million dollars, Microsoft had the right to give us a million and one (or something legalistic like that) to NOT put it out on the PS2).

Obviously, they weren't gonna refuse to let it come out on the PC, but they were gonna make sure that it stayed an Xbox Exclusive for as long as possible. Getting people to buy Xboxes in order to get an otherwise inaccessible game is what those exclusivity deals are all about.
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