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January 19th, 2007, 21:30
More like a 180 new characters per book, all of them more meaningless than the previous and non-distunguishable names (there seems to be like a dozen Aes Sedai with names starting with the letter M, for example). The problem with Jordan is, he cannot possibly complete all the plots he created in a meaningful way. Also there is too much bath taking, tea sipping, dress making and similar stuff that only make up page count. This stuff is so much, it makes the latest Wheel of Time volumes seem like a parody on itself.

One of the things that I liked in Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson is the compact style of writing - there are non of Jordan's (more probably his wife Hariet's, but this is another story) non-sence writings.

Lately, I've started A Song of Fire and Ice by George Martin. While it was some good in the beginning (but certainly nothing spectacular) it quickly decended to Jordanism - far too many plots, far too many characters, and more than enough royal balls, dress making, dinner making and eating. And far too few characters that I care about. On the third book I grew entirely tired the hell out of this series for the time being.
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