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January 20th, 2007, 01:00
I'm really looking forward to this one. I came into CRPG late, NWN was one of my first recent CRPGs. I loved NWN1 (I still do), I was dazzled by KOTOR (oh, the plot twist! I never saw it coming) and I have heard a lot of good stuff about JE.
I never felt Bioware sold out to console gaming (unlike other companies who I won't mention here because their crappy console port has a rant and rave thread all on it's own) and I have to say anything with the Bioware label is instant buy for me. I can't wait to play JE, I'm am very slowly coverting my hubbie towards an Xbox 360 for Mass Effect, and everything I've read about DA has me drooling over my keyboard.
Not just because of the great games I've played, but also because the continueing support for NWN1, and all the great premium models released. For me Bioware=quality, and the love for gaming shows not only in the games, but in the large presence from devs on the Bioware boards

(and if this makes me sound like a fan-boy, or girl in my case: bite me. )
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