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January 20th, 2007, 00:57
Well, I could "insert sarcastic statement here" to make fun of how lame and pathetic this sounds… but I'm sure others are better at that than me, especially over at RPG Codex. So I'll quote a very old interview of Mr. Have-Been-Taking-Too-Much-Drugs himself, Hervé Caen where he states "All I can say to you is, I think we have a smart group of people running Interplay. Not just myself but people that work in this company are really smart. And if it makes sense from your perspective, a consumer, and think why don't they do that? Then one day or another you'll see it. That's all I can say."


It was a good laugh to me, especially after the sci-fi presentation he gave to SEC : http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/da…esentation.htm

"FOOL" what a well chosen project name for Interplay. And "oblivion" may well be what's going to happen to the Fallout cRPG franchise once Bethesda is done "working" on it.
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