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January 20th, 2007, 06:18
Originally Posted by Dyne View Post
Reading about Bethesda doing Fallout 3 with mentions of Oblivion made me feel scared. Which is annoying because there's no concrete basis to worry about its quality as we've seen nothing of it yet…and yet I have this inescapable bad feeling.
You and many others. The annoying thing is that Bethesda is long-since far enough into the development cycle to be able to affirm or deny people's fears, yet they don't. The quality of Morrowind and Oblivion nonwithstanding, it is a fact that both games were disliked by the fans of its predecessor, or by many fans at the least, and Bethesda has its own pr-spin to ignore these fans and make the game a success while not staying true to the franchise, not even their own. It's their modus operandus.

Whether or not it'll apply to Fallout 3 remains to be seen. We'll see come March.

Watching some of the Bethesda video interviews, there are some passionate people involved who made the kind of game they wanted with Oblivion - I really hope that the people involved with Fallout have the same passion, for the old as well as the new game.
I dislike the thought of people who are fanatical about Oblivion working on Fallout. Yes, I respect their passion, their involvement, but it's being involved with the wrong genre.

Just like I don't want to see a person that's passionate about butchering at an operating table, I don't want to see a person that's passionate about Oblivion working on Fallout 3.

If Oblivion was a PC only title, it would have turned out VERY differently.


I suppose this almost guarantees combat wont be turn-based.
No offense to either of you, but the fact that Fallout 3 would use Oblivion's engine, would be PC-and-console, and can not be turn-based because the engine's not built for that (ok, could be, but "it's not what we do best" as Pete would put it), and will be first-person and isometric because hey it's a 3D-engine and you can pan whichever way you like (though isometric looked terrible on Oblivion)…I digress, anyway, all those facts have been known since a year into pre-development, and only affirmed since then. Read up on the FAQ…though come to think of it, that page needs an update.
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