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January 20th, 2007, 09:17
I dont have animosity toward Fallout fans as a group, I am one myself. I do however think that some people's drama queen theatrics are a bit hilarious at best, and totally pathetic at worst. Some people get carried away when a game isnt what they expect it to be, and they go nuts.

I cant find the link now, being half-drunk (or more) doesnt help!
It's probably down, it's been a while. But it was something along the lines of various photoshopped pictures of some guy involved in Fallout BOS in various parody pieces and what not. Personal attacks on the guy. It really comes off as being done by some whiny punk having a little temper tantrum, I dont think it was funny at all actually. It was actually pretty sad that an adult(s) actually did such a thing. I know someone here knows what Im talking about, I cant be the only one who saw this just embarassing little example of a full-blown Fallout Drama Queen Attack.

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