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January 20th, 2007, 21:58
My experiences with Oblivion are, primarily, derived from the following:
Played and finished Daggerfall, but skipped Redguard(looked more like an adventure game), and Battlespire(sounded like a Hack'n'Slash).

Later I picked up Morrowind GOTY edition, and played it alot, but never finished it. I missed random dungeons v. the small handcrafted ones of Morrowind. Missed some of the skills, like climbing, etc. The variety of quest, factions, and main quest was nice.

Gothic 2. Nice game. Good use of voice acting without overly limiting dialog. Horrid UI(inventory management hell). i.e. I enjoyed it, but no where as much as morrowind.

Didn't read much about Oblivion, but I had hoped that in the best case they would have moved more back towards Daggerfall style or in the worst case leave the Morrowind style unchanged, but using a newer engine. I was disappointed with the further dumbing down of the game by further reduction of skills, action based combat(and not very well done), poor application of some of the side technologies purchased(facegen, havok, the soil erosion thingy, etc.), quest GPS, trivial dialog, even fewer voice actors than MW, under populated capital and province of a continent spanning empire, changes to the magic system(dumbing down), obvious unchanged console oriented UI, poor quality of most of the quests(Dark Brotherhood ones were the best), lack of options in completing quests, lack of consequences(good or bad in completing quests), the mini games, loot & creature levelling, still using interior cells for building AND now cities, horse with no armor or ability to fight while mounted, nickling and diming for crappy little modules, NPCs that act no better than simple scripted ones(so much for "Radiant" A"I"), etc. So, in the end, I'd give Oblivious a 2/10 as an RPG, or a 7-8/10 as an action game, but since it was pawned off as an RPG it gets a 2/10. Quit after 15h, while looking over a house that I wanted my char to burgle, got to thinking about how nice it would've been to be able to fly/levitate or climb to that second story window and make an entrance coupled with yet another rock stupid NPC babbling about mudcrabs. It just drove home what a lousy implementation that Oblivion turned out to be, so I quit. (Plan to try it again some day with all sorts of mods…)

I have since played Gothic 3, and found that while it was released to early, that it was a MUCH better RPG than Oblivion. Combat impllementation was almost as bad as Oblivions. I was also VERY happy to find that PB had discovered the wonders of mouse pointer based UI. The world of G3 didn't feel like an empty disneyland. So, as a comparison I'd have to give it a 7-8/10 as an RPG.

I've also played NWN2. Overhyped, under deliverance on graphics unless you always zoom in max. Mostly linear. Lousy camera. Lousy NPC AI. Still, it's a better RPG overall than Oblivious. 7-8/10.

Played NWN1 too, but I still haven't been able to force myself to get past the halfway point ATM, after which I should have the purportedly better SoU and HotU plus Kingmaker series. Lousy NPC AI. No rating on this one ATM.

Played every IE based game. Found them to be dull and never was able to force myself to finish them. Lousy pathinding and NPC AI.

Bored with KotOR. *yawn*

Loved some of the old SSI AD&D gold box games, Darklands, Fallout 1 & 2, M&M through VII, Wizardry 1-8(I loved 8), Wizard and Warriors(overhyped, but I had some fun with it), surprisingly the action RPG Divine Divinity(didn't expect much, and it turned out to be pretty good).

Basically also cannot stand(very much of) Nox, Diablo 1 & 2, Titan Quest, Sacred, etc. i.e. pretty much every action RPG, but DO have fun with most roguelikes excepting nethack which I don't care for.

Can't stand the inevitable extended grind portion of MMO"RPG"s. I did have fun with Minions of Mirth when you could have parties of chars on the official servers, but now I mostly play with a party in a single player game.

Actually the most fun that I expect to have with Oblivion is when the PS3 version gets released, and then watching all the little XBOX360 and PS3 fanbois flame the crap out of each other. Should be good entertainment for one and all.

Fallout 3: I'll be waiting for that to hit the bargain bins, even IF someone who had similar experiences with Oblivious detailed here, recommends it.
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