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January 21st, 2007, 16:21
Originally Posted by VPeric View Post
Deus Ex 2 was horribly dumbed down from Deus Ex. Skills removal, simplifed inventory, to name a couple.
Yeah I heard about that before I bought it (cheap). Still the game was fun to the end. There was simplification (like unified bullets) but after a while got used to it. It wasnt a big deal.

I guess after all the bad rep I didnt expect to see deus ex when I finally got to play it. And as a generic fps/rpg it wasnt so bad. Beats the hell out of pure fps atleast.

Originally Posted by VPeric View Post
And this sounds like we'll get another Oblivion-esque interface. =\
I guess it was okay for gamepad atleast (not that all pc setups are suitable for that). Still in the case of oblivion it was atleast moddable. Dont know about this game though.
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