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January 22nd, 2007, 01:36
Thanks to slamelov from NMA for pointing this:

Are there any lessons from Deus Ex 2 that the team has learned and is using when making BioShock?
Many development teams have learned important lessons from previous attempts to bring PC games to the console, though Deus Ex 2 is an infamous example. One of the main things we are doing differently is that we are leading our development efforts with the 360. Therefore all decisions on HUD and gameplay situations are made on the 360 and brought over to the PC to avoid the situations you are thinking about.
What situations?. So, the lessons you learned about Deus Ex 2 is to make the same errors?.
It will be a console game ported to PC.

That FAQ entry is not accurate. According to Ken Levine, it was written by our new community development liaison who is coming to Boston this week to get fully briefed on our development process.

- Chris Kline, Lead Programmer
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