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January 23rd, 2007, 00:33
Yeah, I've been keeping a watch on the patches. I didn't give up on the game as I do still like it. It's a shame that they didn't fix such an obvious flaw in the beta testing before release as it turned people off, but it is nice it is being addressed. The common animals are still the tougher opponents than they should be though. It was especially ridiculous when you see some famed hunter who collects wolf pelts being brought down by them time and again.

They tweaked the orcs a little too, so I can't always stunlock even an orc leader to death by mindlessly mashing the mouse button, so now shields might be more useful. It'd be better if they worked with animals though. I don't know why a shield can stop a huge length of sharp steel wielded by a brutish warrior or giant orc but not stop a two-inch wolf tooth.

It's a very different game to the other Gothic games. I'd go as far to say that it is so different that they shouldn't have called it "Gothic 3" at all, to stop people getting the wrong idea and upsetting the fans.
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