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January 24th, 2007, 06:21
I am having trouble thinking of previous games whom used solving water supply problems for your isolated community which would qualify Fallout's MS unoriginal, not sure how if your implying something about Wasteland which even the Devs point out was a peer.

Also it's kinda of an easy cheap shot to say an fairly original idea like a water shortage or broken water system is Fed-Ex.
Well yeah, duh you don't have water, your community needs it to survive, so you need to go somewhere do something and/or bring something back.

Additionally your not providing any basis for comparison other than generalizations to generic terms, so give us the/an original concept/story your comparing this to.

Not to mention having a character whom has lived in complete seclusion and then being forced to deal with the harsh realities of a Post Apocalyptic Wasteland.
I couldn't agree more about every encounter being part of the MS, since the story is about the PC's development which is much more complex to achieve than a purely action style in a different setting like Mad Max.
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