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January 24th, 2007, 08:55
There's lots of reasons. Like Ace said, and Ive believed this from the get-go - It's a very system-friendly game. People generally do not have problems running the game, Blizzard is good at making a quality product that runs well. Certainly that's only one of many factors, but it's a pretty dang big one.

Also, there seems to be many people who are not only being intro'd to MMO's thru WoW, but online community in general. WoW is a lot of new people's gateway for this, and it goes far beyond the game itself. For instance, there were many people in my prior WoW guild who had never done more than email and surf the net online. They werent gamers at all. They were spouses, friends, or whatever of people who played. They had never interacted and chatted, never been part of something online as a member of a community. Then they got online and were part of something, interacting with people all over the world for the first time. This is huge for people who are experiencing it for the first time, a threshold most of us crossed many years ago and has lost it's novelty long ago. That's a big deal, and yes, it's very addictive when you first get a taste of it.

WoW is a perfect, mass marketed vehicle for this
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