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January 24th, 2007, 14:41
Fallout's story was nearly nonexistent. It had a great setting, but setting does not mean story. "Get the water chip" and "kill all the mutants" pretty much sums up Fallout's story. And Fallout 2's story was retarded. So was the amateurish pop culture reference dialog that was seemingly written by 16 year olds.

And then there's the dialog. Compared to Deus Ex, Anachronox, Baldurs Gate, Baldurs Gate 2, Planescape: Torment, Kotor, Kotor 2, Jade Empire, and NWN2, the dialog and quests in Fallout were exceedingly simple. Fallout's dialog is filled with "choices" that generally involve you being a nice guy or being mean and provoking a huge fight that makes everyone in the area your enemy. Provoke a fight with one guy in Junktown and you nerf every single quest in that town. Even NWN had more writing and dialog choices than Fallout. A lot more. Fallout deserves a lot of credit for having multiple outcomes to some situations and multiple ways to approach problems, but let's not kid ourselves, folks. That game was not a masterpiece of writing by a long stretch.

In both Fallouts, you spend about 10 times more time in combat than you do in conversation. Turn-based combat was a much larger part of the game than dialog.

Edit: Add Vampire - The Masquerade: Bloodlines in the list of games whose story and dialog are far superior to Fallout's.
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