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January 24th, 2007, 15:21
Originally Posted by doctor_kaz View Post
Fallout's story was nearly nonexistent. It had a great setting, but setting does not mean story. "Get the water chip" and "kill all the mutants" pretty much sums up Fallout's story. And Fallout 2's story was retarded. So was the amateurish pop culture reference dialog that was seemingly written by 16 year olds.

And then there's the dialog. Compared to Baldurs Gate, Baldurs Gate 2, Planescape: Torment, Kotor, Kotor 2, Jade Empire, and NWN2, the dialog and quests in Fallout were exceedingly simple. Fallout's dialog is filled with "choices" that generally involve you being a nice guy or being mean and provoking a huge fight that makes everyone in the area your enemy. Provoke a fight with one guy in Junktown and you nerf every single quest in that town. Even NWN had more writing and dialog choices than Fallout. A lot more. Fallout deserves a lot of credit for having multiple outcomes to some situations and multiple ways to approach problems, but let's not kid ourselves, folks. That game was not a masterpiece of writing by a long stretch.
I strongly have to disagree. I admit however that it is a matter of personal taste what exactely you consider to be a "good" story. Personally I perfer things like "get the water chip or we will all die" over "find out about your heritage." Stories about a heroe's individual past have become a dominant cliché in modern fantasy (and to a certain extent in Sifi as well). You can hardly touch a fantasy book nowadays in which the protagonist is not something special. Usually he has special abilities that are keyed to his past or heritage. Boring, I say.
What made Fallout's story special to me was that it wasn't presented to you on a silver plate. You were essentially free in a great gameworld and could actively search for clues. The game was extremly non-linear which made it harder to follow the main storyline, but for me it made it all the way more interesting. You could go wherever you wanted to go and you could "indulge" into the story as deep as you wanted. True the main plot "find a new waterchip" does not sound like much, but in a post-nuclear world it is a believable one.
And if you really think that Fallout featured only dialogues that offered you being either the good or the bad one… well, then you can't possibly have played the game for very long. Usually the dialogues in Fallout gave you quite a lot of coice. Very often for example you could use information that you recieved during the dialogue with one person in dialogues with other persons. That made it possible to play one faction off against another. I also think that most people enjoyed the dialogues in Fallout. Of course there was strong language in it, and yes, to a certain extent it was overly cool, but for me that's all part of the Fallout world.
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