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January 24th, 2007, 16:56
Originally Posted by Reyla View Post
Either I have changed or Blizzard has changed the way they make games. Probably a little of both.
I'm not really sure if Blizzard was ever a real innovator when it comes to game design. They created a few very successful (and from my point of view very nice) games, but neither the concept of Warcraft (the strategy game) nor that of Diablo were overly innovative. These games were well made and flawless from a technical point of view - and, I think, the same can be said for WoW.
The main problem, especially for people that are following the mmorpg-scene since the beginning, seems to be that for a very long time there was hardly anything new at all. If I look at Everquest and then at WoW, I can hardly see any differences. Of course the games ARE different in certain details, but the main concept (as you called it - level up and make your stats higher numbers) has not changed at all.
It is interesting if you search through all the message boards of various MMORGs - they are essently full of innovative ideas from players (some real good ones, some extremly crappy once), still there is hardly a company that has the courage to implement something new.
For me this was extremly apparent in the case of Turbine's The Lord of the Rings Online. I was following that game right from the beginning and was an dedicated reader of the LOTRO message boards. I was always sceptical about Turbine creating a MMORPG in Tolkien's Middle Earth, but still the project fascinated me. The suggestions that came from fans were great and plentiful… and LOTRO could have been a totally different game than it is now. But from all we know so far it will be a game very similar to WoW.
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