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January 24th, 2007, 17:04
Originally Posted by doctor_kaz View Post
Non-linear gameplay is not story. If it were, then Morrowind and Oblivion's stories would be masterpieces. Setting is not story either. Fallout had a great setting, no doubt. But the story was nonexistent. It can literally be summed up in seven words. "Get the water chip. Kill the mutants". I can't blame you for not being enamored with RPG cliche stories, but that doesn't make Fallout's any good.
Sorry, but I never said that. I said that Fallout's non-linear gameplay made it harder to follow the main storyline. But it was clearly there. You like a certain type of storyline - the epic one as it is featured in BG and similar games and that is something that Fallout does not offer. Fallouts story is very simplistic but that does not make it bad. Actually it is quite fitting for the genre - just think about the Mad Max movies… they all have a very simple story. The main storyline of Fallout is something that you discover as you go along and discover many other interesting stories. There is a lot to do and to see in Fallout, and I never felt bored because of a "non-existing" story. With Oblivion that is quite different - here I felt very bored.

As far as dialog "choices" go, Fallout's true choices were extremely few and far between. I don't remember having the chance to parlay with rad scorpions and mole rats during the game's numerous cave and underground sequences. If you had a high enough speech skill, you could solve a few situations, but the game is so combat heavy that it's extremely hard to finish the game on your first run through without tagging at least two combat skils. 95% of the dialog trees in the game are extremely short and simplistic, even with a high speech skill and high intelligence.
Well, it's a harsh world and not "Pony-Paradise". You seem to have your very own ideas, how a rpg should be structured, but there is no rule that every situation in a rpg has to be solvable through dialogue options - not that talking to rad scorpions would be possible anyway. It's Fallout - a postnuclear world that is full of nasties and assholes that want your stuff and a high diplomacy skill won't keep that brainless thug from beating the crap out of you to get the few bottlecaps you're carrying around.

In the end it all comes down to personal taste. You say that Fallout's dialogues were simple and short. But for me they were just right. I never really liked the endless dialogues in BG2 for example, but that doesn't make it a bad game… other people like you obviously greatly enjoyed them.
Same with combat - for me, Fallout had just the right amount of combat. I really enjoyed the turn based combat system and all the nifty weapons you could play with. And it's the same with the story also. Did Fallout have a very original story? Nope, not really. Did it not have one at all? It had one - and a very realistic one at that.
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