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January 24th, 2007, 18:21
Blizzard knows what theyre doing, Diablo was the first real action-RPG that most people can remember, it pretty much set the standard for that type of game. Was it truly the first? I dont know, someone's probably gonna rattle off the title of some obscure game nobody played or cared about. Diablo was the first real hack and slash game that D&D geeks had been yearning for since they first had conception of D&D. Not to mention (but I'll mention it anyway) BattleNet, that was (and still is) huge. Warcrafts, I dont know about the first two, I never played them (I was too busy playing Starcraft). Now I know some crappy "Dune" RTS supposedly gets credit for the first real RTS, but the Warcrafts/Starcrafts are the most well known, Starcraft still being played to this day. I think it's a national sport of Korea.

Anyone playing Dune, or the original Age of Empires, or the original C&C still? I think not

Warcraft III however, was the game that is often credited with bringing the now standard concept of "hero units" to RTS games, and "creeps", the various assorted hostile creatures scattered around the maps that are a resource themselves. The concept of RPG elements to RTS, like peanut butter and chocolate just waiting to happen. Were they truly the first? Who cares, for the purpose of this discussion, they get the credit. Now this I think is also part of WoW's success, having a colorful universe already built, the series of the legendary Warcraft rts games and their lore, getting some RPG going.

Bam. Lots of WCIII fanatics out there, and I should know, because I'm one myself. Now give people who have been playing Warcraft for years a chance to actually play the races from the games, in the grand lore of the battles of Azeroth. Lots of solo as well as group play, you can tinker around or be serious, it's up to you. Let their immediate family, friends, mailman see them playing it, the rest is history.

Everquest, their company and the other MMO's have but a fraction of this legendary lineage built up that Blizzard as a company, and subsequently, it's little universe of games have as well. Sure, EQ has been around for ages, but it's but one little BB against the Blizzard warship when it comes to lineage, marketing, corporate reputation, etc. Even if Blizzard truly arent "the first" to do this or that when it comes to making an action RPG or what not, they are often the ones who did it notably well and are credited with it, such as the case of Diablo, Warcrafts/Starcraft. There's people that would go out and buy a Blizzard game without ever even reading a review of it.

Starcraft II comes out, you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be running out and buying it on release day. Me and about a zillllion and a half other people. That's Blizzard's success in a nutshell
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