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January 24th, 2007, 21:21
Actually, I find that you are not right on the matter. Jordan's world is complex, indeed, but so is Erikson's. Actually, I believe that Erikson's works present a far more complex world than WoT, however I am not that far into the series, having read the first book only so far.

What exactly is there to understand to Elayne taking a bath? For several pages? Or several chapters of tea sipping and the like? And Other similar stuff of equal boredom? I don't care about such stuff, I actually want something to happen but not just for it happening's sake, but for the sake of the plot to move forward. In the last 5 book of the WoT there has been, no it's not zero movement, but the plot move backwards, several absolutely unnecessary plots were introduced (Elayne's Succession of Andor and Perrin's saving of Faile quickly spring to mind, which is bad, since for a few books, or The Dragon Reborn at least I actually liked Perrin's character) with even more senceless going ons. I admit to the books being very well written and enjoyable, as Bobby managed to learn how to write his characters into doing absolutely nothing and still be, well somewhat enjoyable for some of the characters. Since most of the characters are absolute idiots, especially 99 % of his female characters, and it is a very difficult task to like them and keep on liking them after all their moronic actions.

What I liked about Erikson's style of writing, as opposed to Jordan's, is his compact writing. No nonse sniffing, tea sipping, dress making, dinner eating, bath taking, and stuff. If Gardens of the Moon was written by Jordan, it would have taken 12 volumes all by itself as Paran, Tattersail, Cruppe, Whiskeyjack and rest would have been taken through all that idle nonsence. Erikson's style is so compact, he even includes only a vague discriptiong of his characters. There are many things that are obviously left vague as to be filled in by my imagination. That is what I call a book that takes time to understand as to make sence. I found myself prone to quick checking the scarce reference notes about the cast and other explanations that were included in the local edition (I haven't seen the English edition, but I would think that it includes these as well)
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