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January 24th, 2007, 22:05
I hear you, like I said, I know what youre basically saying. I just dont think it's really feasible to seriously get something real earth-shattering via an expansion pack that will impact the game enough to satisfy the jaded. A new character class might do it for a little while, but that's assuming that it or they are classes youd want to play. Youre still dealing with the same basic mechanic that all classes are bound to in the long run, and if youre that jaded, youd be feeling it in the short run.

I'm not playing the game anymore myself, partly because I have other things going on and cant devote the time, but mostly because I'm simply bored with it. My heart just isnt in it anymore, and I really dont think that there's anything they could do, short of…. I have no freakin clue really what they could do … to get me to play it again any time soon.

I feel that way for all MMO's tho, I'm bored of the core mechanic of the game, and there's really no expansion other than some kind of magical overhaul that could bring me back. If they can figure that out, then yeah, I'll be there running around in the Hellfire Peninsula myself. I'll make time to play it.
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